PCP3A Updates

Summary of MD3 Meeting with PCP3A Coordinators on 1/7/20  

WH/CAH Rotation

  • Womens and Paeds are remaining as they would have been
  • 1st block: 8 weeks
  • 2nd block: 9 weeks
  • Taking into account 2 weeks that will be MDRS weeks – 19 weeks in total

AC/GP/MH Rotation

  • 3 rotations in total
    • 1st block: 5 weeks – this block does not require as much MDRS, hence can fit more placement time
    • 2nd block: 6 weeks
    • 3rd block: 6 weeks
  • Students will have 2 days a week on placement
    • Every metro student does 1 day a week in GP throughout the entire semester with the same GP – this will provide a very in-depth longitudinal view of GP
    • The other day will be either AC or MH   

***A more detailed visual representation can be found at the end of these minutes, thanks to Jenny Schwarz***

  • For the GP Rotation:
    • Students on GP block will spend only 1 day in GP, the other day will be either spent in AC or MH, depending on clinical site and availability
  • For the MH & AC Rotation:
    • GP day once a week (same day with same GP throughout the semester)
  • Small number of students (~20) are in rural GP will spend 2 days a week at rural GP, so they will spend 2 days of AC/MH in their AC and MH blocks respectively

PCP3A Overall

  • It has taken a long time to confirm with all clinical sites to confirm the numbers of students that certain teams will allow on the wards
  • Every student will have 34 days of placement in the second semester
  • Timetabling will be incredibly complex e.g. for AC, the GP day is fixed (same day every week), but students may be doing AC on different days each
    • Hence, every student will end up with an individual timetable
    • This will aim to minimise overcrowding of the clinical environment (wards, clinic, etc) with too many students at once  
  • Tutorials will predominantly remain online
  • Rural Clinical School
    • 2 Ballarat students have been moved to Shepparton
    • All other RCS sites are currently accepting students


  • Students will need to stay on top of their assessments during their terms 
  • Mini-CEXs are likely to be spread out due to the individual timetables
    • Likely to stay on Zoom, since they may be difficult to do on placement, but it will depend on the clinical site
  • Written assessments: word limits will be halved, modified to be more reflection-based
  • Assessment will focus on hx +  clinical reasoning skills + ability to communicate with pts from different age groups and backgrounds, not so much examination and procedural skills
  • We have been reassured that expectations for assessment will be adjusted based on what students are exposed to

Communication with Students

  • It was raised that MD3 students were very confused with regards to which platform to turn to re: teaching materials, announcements and timetables (MDConnect, Canvas, Email)
  • Re: Aged Care – Resources will mainly be on Canvas, but timetables will come from clinical schools on MDConnect
  • Overall, announcements and timetables should stay on MDConnect
  • It was suggested to have weekly to-do list, similar to MD2s
    • This is dependent on clinical school site, and which Case Based Discussion they are able to go over


  • SONIA Forms (RECAP): will help work out how much students can get done in Sem 2 – this information will aid planning in Sem 1 2021
    • Based on the AMC competencies that are expected at the end of final year, but modified to an MD3 level
  • Powerpoint presentation explaining the SONIA form will be sent out
  • Forms are encouraged to be filled out at the end of each placement day as it maximises the chance of filling out the form accurately and minimises risk of forgetting patient encounters by the end of the semester 



  • Each clinical site will run an orientation outlining the necessary precautions and steps needed to take at their specific health service
  • If you are COVID-swabbed, must let clinical school admin and coordinator & hospital know, and alert them of the result as soon as possible
  • Students should get encouraged to get tested as soon as they have symptoms, and submit a SLOA 
  • **We are yet to clarify how students will make up learning/time on placement if they need to self-isolate 


Semester 2 Timetable


Last updated on 06/07/2020