MD2-4 Clinical Placement

MD2-MD4 Clinical Placements 

The MMS is very keen to maintain clinical placements at all sites through the ‘second wave’ as far as is safe and appropriate. Their goal is to keep students progressing to a timely graduation with all the necessary skills, while maintaining the safety of all students on placements. 

MD4s will be continuing their TTP placements this July at all sites. MD2s returned to placements on the 29th June, and MD3s this week. 

For MD2s, we are aiming to gain clarification on the expectations and structure of upcoming assessments in Semester 2. 

For MD3s, we would also like to acknowledge some of the widely held concerns. We’re actively conveying these to Dr Cheshire and the PCP3A/MDRS1 coordinators.


  • Students overwhelmed – reminder of need to balance PCP3A and MDRS expectations – urgent (not a great start)
  • Students confused – reminder of need for more clarity + communications + consistent usage of MDConnect timetable


  • The most pressing concern is about timing/clarity of learning expectations (e.g. tutorial pre-work at very short notice) 

PCP3A – we have specifically requested: 

  • Provision of clear, modified learning outcomes and revised assessment information to guide overall learning
  • Provision of rotation-specific learning expectations on a weekly basis to guide completion of the various modules, seminars, assessments, administrative tasks, etc at hand
  • Clear guidelines on OH&S, procedures, safeguards for placements in light of COVID-19 risk


  • MDRS1 and MDRS2 are both pass/fail subjects
  • Regular catch-ups will occur all UMMSS third-year reps and the PCP3A coordinators during Sem 2

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Year Level Site Rep or [email protected] if you have any further questions or concerns.


Last updated on 06/07/2020