MD1 News

MD1 Update 

MD1s are returning to campus for clinical skills tutorials (CSTs) only. The commencement date has been delayed to early August due to recent announcements from the Victorian State Government and the unfolding pandemic situation here in Victoria. There are currently no plans for any other return to campus teaching and learning (including anatomy practicals, microbiology labs, etc.), however we have permission for vulnerable students to undertake assessment on campus. Clinical placements are also highly unlikely to resume in Semester 2. 

30 students have elected to complete PCP1 in semester 2 subject remotely (i.e. they will not return to campus for CST tutorials). The MMS is working with these 30 students to ensure remote delivery and have allocated three tutors who will be conducting their PCP tutes online. 

The MMS have also announced that there will be free on-campus parking at University Square for MD1 students for the time being. This will last until the number of students and staff wanting to park at uni exceeds the number of free parks they can provide. Details and full confirmation are still to come, and it must be emphasised that this is only until student numbers increase. All in all, still a great outcome!


Last updated on 06/07/2020