Internship Application Process – Feedback Needed

2021-2022 Internship Application Process – Feedback Needed 

Over the past few weeks, MSCV has been in discussion with PMCV (Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria), the Medical Deans of Victoria, and DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) regarding next year’s internship application process

Traditionally, internship applications have been merit-based, with a combination of Z-scores, interviews, clinical references, CVs, cover letters, and other aspects such as non-clinical references. Given the significant impact that Covid-19 has had on clinical learning and assessments this year, it has made it extraordinarily difficult to calculate a fair Z-score for your cohort. Deakin Medical School has highlighted the problem of being unable to calculate their Z-score at all, as they completely rely on their penultimate year for their Z-score calculation. The Deans of all the Victorian medical schools are in agreement that the Z-score will be an unreliable and unsuccessful tool in assessing candidates for their internship in 2021. 

Though we understand this is a highly contentious issue, the PMCV have already discussed a ballot-based system for many months now. However, from their discussions with the DHHS and health services, it is highly likely that the merit system will still be in place next year (as opposed to a ballot system) i.e. interviews, cover letters, CV, references are very likely to be maintained next year. While we believe that some of you may be upset by this, this is a decision that is widely out of our control. Hence, at this stage they are looking for ideas for a fairer merit-based system that would serve as an alternative to the Z-score as a measure of academic/clinical ability. 

We believe that student feedback is crucial to this ongoing discussion. MSCV and UMMSS are welcoming innovative ideas for new methods to assess candidates in the 2020-2021 Intern Match in place of the Z-score. Please submit any feedback and ideas that you may have via this Google Form before Monday 20th July 2020. Feedback will be collated and fed to the PMCV at the next upcoming meeting.


Last updated on 06/07/2020