Fee Advocacy

02/08/2020 Student Fee Update

Since the rise of the pandemic in March, we have recognised the financial impact that the pandemic has had on students, especially the ability to pay student fees. This issue has been raised on multiple occasions by both UMMSS and individual students to the MMS, who are very well aware of the challenges that our international and full-fee paying students currently face. Since then, our students have also played an active role in meeting with student unions and other MDHS societies. The MMS has also engaged in discussions with senior members of the wider faculty and central university to advocate for fee reductions and/or fee support options.

Unfortunately, the central university has remained firm in its stance re: fees and will not be offering reductions to any student in the university. The medical school has been told that using core university funds for special arrangements for medical students would be inequitable when there are thousands of students in the same situation, and options like fee reductions across all faculties would place further financial strain on the university. We understand that this is incredibly disappointing for students who were hoping for a different outcome.

There is one option that the MMS was able to successfully arrange from the central uni – for any medical student (international or full-fee paying) who is in extreme financial hardship, they will be able to apply for a fee deferral/extension plan that may extend beyond graduation if required. This information is not made public, however we have been told that this applies to any international or FF-paying student enrolled in the Melbourne MD. The link to apply is here: https://ask.unimelb.edu.au/app/answers/detail/a_id/931/~/fee-date-extensions

To apply, fill in the online application form and check the relevant fields. Applications will be decided by the uni’s fee team on a case-by-case basis.If you require further assistance with the application form, please call 13 MELB or visit ask.unimelb (http://ask.unimelb.edu.au/app/contact).

06/07/2020 Student Fee Update

Here are some of the things we have done in the past months:

  1. UMSU
    • Initiated fee advocacy discussion talks with their executive and legal representatives. Explored our options, ranging from formal grievances to teaming up with other faculties.
  2. Created a fee advocacy taskforce
    • A couple of students from various year levels have teamed up to tackle this issue together. We have heard from colleagues who are in precarious situations and are passionate in leading this cause.
  3. Reached out and partnered with other MDHS societies
    • To gain stronger representation and an accurate depiction of how the pandemic has affected other placement-heavy courses.
    • Ongoing discussions with the Dental Society to forge a centralised and targeted approach
  4. (In progress) Talking with heads of schools and central university

We have witnessed the sheer amount of resistance the central university has had towards fees. We’ll keep working on the cause. For any queries or concerns, please direct them to any member of the taskforce. 

  • Julia Liew
  • Lisa Huang
  • Sally Wilkinson
  • Anthony Liu
  • Tarika Chowdhary
  • Preeya Gunness
  • Angela Younes